Hello there, Greening Waves is about sharing knowledge and inspirations to create a better and greener world

Here I would like to exchange with you what I have learn so far and that I think needs to be shared. The topics of my articles are broad and diverse. I am inspired by many different influences due to my strong curiosity and social environment. 

What I would
 love to do is to show you that there is always an alternative way to do things; a greener, clever and simpler way. And this applies to any field : traveling, creating new things, reflecting on the news, getting extra knowledge.

I believe digital tools can help to shape a new source of  
awareness that would enrich people through the power of constructive interferences. To me, reflection leads to challenge not only the models of unreality but the paradigms that underwrite them. 


Open-mindedness, kindness, critical sense, versatility are what I value. If you feel the same way, you are at the right place. Articles will be about various topics but the guiding principles will always remain the same : being critical about our daily actions and offering alternative ways to have a better and  greener impact.

Are you ready to travel in a more eco-friendly and genuine way with me ? Are you excited about learning some easy DoItYourself that will change your life ? Are you prepared to challenge your lifestyle and to enrich mine ? 

Let's unfurl the greening waves.

Greening Waves Articles

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